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Facebook connect - Beacon Part 2

When Facebook first trialled the idea of the Beacon system, privacy advocates were up in arms. The naivity was astounding, Mark Zuckerberg though that people would simply lay down and accept the commercialisation of their social lives. He couldn't have been more wrong. As the heat intensified Zuckerberg came across as deceitful, his statements at odds with claims from large companies, such as Coca Cola, regarding how he had sold it to them.

Now hes back, with something called Facebook Connect. Its a universal log in system which allows you to use your facebook details to access a variety of sites. The problem is that once you've logged int, the site can access all your details, including your friends list. It can also automatically publish to your personal feed.

Imagine it, you buy a book online from Amazon and suddenly "Dave things the new Harry Potter book is brilliant. Why do you buy it here" appears. Nice. Or not. Product endorsesments are not something I do.

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